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What Is Waist Training

What is waist trainingWhat is waist training and why is it gaining popularity? We all have seen photos of women with beautiful slim waists.  Some of those photo-perfect women are the real deal, but majority of those images are Photoshop-beautiful.  If you ever wondered how to get a real slim hourglass looking waist, this article will help you learn how waist training is one sure way to get there.

What is waist training about?

Waist training is the practice of gradually reducing your waist size.  Also known as waist cinching, corset training, or tightlacing, it mainly revolves around reduction of waist size using corsets specifically made for that purpose.  When done correctly, waist training is a process that takes time and patience, but with very attractive end results.  The practice became prominent during Victorian times and it has remained popular through the centuries.

What is waist training corset? A waist training corset, also known as a waist cincher, is a special body shaping garment you would wear to reduce the size of your waist and midsection.  It works by reshaping the mid and lower section of your rib cage, your waist, and the abdominal area all the way to the upper part of your hip bone.  It redistributes fat, moves internal organs, and reshapes your body.  Your ribcage and muscles are flexible and tend to take the shape of the corset over time.  If practiced long enough and correctly, the results are usually attractive and permanent.

Waist Training vs. Tightlacing

Although both terms point to the same end results, waist training and tightlacing somewhat differ from one another.  So, what is waist training and what is tightlacing? In waist training a corset is tightened gradually over course of weeks or months to achieve the desired waist size.  Where in tightlacing some experts believe that the practice mainly refers to fully closing a waist cincher corset every time it is put on by tightening the laces in the back of the corset as far as possible – not a gradual process and potentially harmful to your body.  Waist reduction using corsets needs to be approached as a gradual controlled process, if done too quick and without proper discipline it can result in discomfort and discouragement.

What is waist training with corsets

Depending on the goal waist size, during the course of your waist training you may go through a number of corsets.  Waist training starts by making correct measurement of your current waist size and then finding a corset typically 4 to 5 inches smaller.  Waist training corsets come in different styles and constructed material.  Many experienced waist trainers suggest purchasing a custom made corset when you are certain that you are bitten by the corset training bug!  What is waist training best practice? Corset training could turn into an addicting habit as some tend to keep their corset on almost 23 hours a day.  For that reason, its best to advance your way into a higher quality custom made corset since those corsets are constructed according to your body shape and tend to last longer.  Steel-boned corsets are considered to be one of the best types of corsets for waist training.  These types of corsets tend to maintain the desired shape far better than their other counterparts because of their durability and strength.  Steel-boned waist cinchers also tend to last longer and are more resilient towards the abuse your body will put them through.

Corset Training Essentials

For best corset training results the practice is usually approached by engaging in one or all of the following:

  • Use of waist training corsets
  • Waist training exercises
  • Diets to lose belly fat
  • Posture control exercises

Routinely using a waist slimmer corset is essential to shaping your body into that attractive hourglass figure.  Incorporating the discipline with waist training exercises and diets to lose belly fat will accelerate the results.  Posture control exercises are also very affective in significantly reducing the appearance of a bulging belly and enhancing your over all upper body shape. Some consider waist training as a way of life.  It will take discipline, will power, and patience.  It’s a gradual process that if done too quickly could result in potential injuries and discouragement.  For attractive permanent results you will need to put in place a manageable routine until you find your comfort zone.  Take it step by step following your routine with a positive attitude. What is waist training? It is a discipline that by sticking to it will get you that beautiful hourglass body shape you have been longing for.

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