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How To Start Waist Training

How to start waist trainingLearning how to start waist training begins with the acceptance of not expecting quick results.  It is a process that takes time and patience.  If you are seriously thinking about shaping your body into that perfect hourglass figure, this waist training guide will show you how to get started in this affective centuries-old practice.

Know your size

The first step to waist training is taking a correct measurement of your present waist size.  To measure your waist size, stand in front of a mirror then wrap a cloth tape measure around the thinnest part of your waist.  Make sure to relax your stomach while giving the measuring tape a snuggle grip around your waist.  After figuring out your waist measurement, what comes next is to select a waist training corset that is smaller than your measured waist size.  As a general rule in waist training guide, the size of the corset needs to be around 4 to 5 inches smaller than your waist size.

What is the ‘right’ waist training corset?

Now that you know what size corset you need, you are ready to shop for the correct kind of corset.  To do this right, the corset needs to be a ‘real’ waist training corset.  There are many different types of so called waist training or waist cincher corsets in the market.  Corsets with steal boning are considered the best for waist training.   These types of corsets are typically constructed around 16 to 24 spiral steal bones.  You would want a cottony breathable fabric for your corset.  Stay away from silky stretchy corsets as this kind of fabric will cause discomfort specially if you are going to be wearing the corset for extended periods of time.  Another important factor to consider when picking a waist training corset is its height.  For waist training purposes you would want to consider an underbust corset.  These types of corsets cover your waist starting from under the breast, on the top, to just a little over the hipbone, on the bottom. An underbust corset tends to restrict movement, but it gives you the benefit of better posture by supporting your back.  If you are looking for more comfort and more freedom to move, then you would want to consider a cincher style waist training corset which is shorter in height in compare to an underbust corset.  To keep the corset clean, and also for comfort and to prevent from sweating, it’s best to wear a liner under your corset. Waist training corsets are also known as waist cinchers.  During the course of your waist training, depending on your goal waist size, you may go through a number of corsets.  Depending on the brand, durability, and comfort, waist cinchers can be costly.  For optimal results some trainers recommend purchasing custom made corsets tailored to the shape of  your body.  These corsets are usually of higher quality and more comfortable since they are tailor made for the one who wears them.  However, when first starting waist training, it’s best to try an off-the-shelf waist cincher to get a feel for the idea.  As you get more comfortable, at some point you may want to consider advancing to custom made corsets.

How to start waist training the right way

Now that you have the correct corset, comes the question of how and for how long should you wear it?  It is important to understand getting an hourglass waist is a gradual process.   It takes wearing a waist training corset for long periods of time.  Looking for short-time quick results is not how to start waist training.  To start you’ll need to break into the corset by wearing it for only a few short hours a day.  At the beginning try wearing the corset for 3 to 5 hours each day so you get used to constrains it places on your body.  Increase the time gradually as you feel more comfortable wearing it as it reshapes your body.  Continue with the gradual time increase until you are able to wear the corset for the entire day comfortably.  That’s when you know its time to tighten the corset down to the next size, or look into a smaller corsets.  Continue with the process until you reach your desired look. A waist training corset gives you that hourglass look by reshaping your body.  It causes your internal organs to move taking their place within your new body shape. When you first put on your corset do not try to close it fully.  Remember, it is a gradual process, meaning that you’ll need to tighten the corset over time as your body gets more comfortable with the gradual size reduction.  It may take weeks before you are able to tighten your corset to the point that it is fully closed in the back.  Tightening your waist training corset to a full-close too soon and too fast will only cause you discomfort and discouragement.  Also, doing it too quick may cause potential damage to your body, bringing unhealthy results since it moves your internal organs.  For best results it is recommended to wear your corset for at least 8 to 12 hours each day.  Some people wear their corset almost the whole day as they gradually get comfortable in it, and taking it off only at bed time or when they take baths. That outlines how to start waist training using the right kind of corset; but this is not the only way.  There are also other methods of getting smaller waist that are involved with guiding you on how to lose waist fat through proper diet and exercise.  To get quicker corset training results it is best to combine the use of waist training corests with specific waist training exercises and proper diet.

How to start waist training recap

Here is a list of what to consider in learning how to start waist training:

  1. Correctly measure your current waist size
  2. Buy a corset that is at least 4 inches smaller than your current waist size
  3. Make sure the corset is one that specifically aids waist training. The corset needs to be constructed with at lest 16 to 24 steel bones wrapped in a comfortable fabric
  4. Consider a waist cincher style, or an underbust waist training corset
  5. You need to tighten the corset over time as you get more comfortable – DO NOT fully close the corset when you first start.
  6. Engage in exercise routines specifically beneficial to your abdominal, hips, and waist area
  7. Consider a healthy diet revolving around how to lose waist fat

With patience, the right corset, and a Hourglass figure workout you can have a smaller waist size in a few weeks.  If you need more encouragement to keep up with your routine, take a look at some of these inspirational waist training before and after videos.

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