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How To Get An Hourglass Figure

How to get and hourglass figureHow to get an hourglass figure like some of those celebrities and movie stars? An hourglass figure is considered to be the most beautiful body form a woman can posses. It is a unique physical body shape that resembles the silhouette of an old-fashioned hourglass. A women with this body shape has well defined shoulders, strong abdominal muscles, a narrow waist and last but not the least wide shapely bust and hips.

Although your body type is defined by your natural genes at birth, you can shape your figure into an hourglass through a number of ways in relatively short time. However, before anything, you need to understand that the practice takes healthy amounts of ‘discipline.’ Waist training exercises, use of waist training corsets, and proper diet or a combination of all are to name a few of the ways. The objective is to reduce your waist size and increase your curves.

How to get an hourglass figure using corsets

For centuries women have been reshaping their figures into that desirable curvy look by wearing corsets designed specifically for that purpose. Waist training corsets, also known as waist cinchers, have been used by women since Victorian times. How to get an hourglass figure fast? Waist shaping corsets are the surest way of getting there. Waist training corsets in most cases will give you an instant hourglass figure! When done correctly and with patience and discipline, the results are usually permanent and very attractive. Waist cinchers work by narrowing down your mid-section and causing your internal organs to move. Due to constrains these types of corsets place on your body, it’s important to take caution when using a corset to get instant results. Most waist training corsets are adjustable so you can tighten the corset over time as you gradually reshape your figure. Some women with excess belly fat may initially find using a waist cincher difficult. That’s when engaging in waist training exercises prove to be most beneficial for getting into shape.

How to get an hourglass figure with exercise

Getting rid of the fat deposits around the belly area is essential to getting an hourglass figure. Cardio exercises such as running, treadmill, jogging, cross-training and other similar exercises are a few good ways of burning the excess fat. Also engaging in exercises that emphasize on shaping your core abdominal muscles are a good way of toning your midsection area. Such exercises include planks, pelvic scoops, the single bridge, pilates, and bicycle crunches to just name a few. How to get an hourglass figure also has much to do with shaping your buttocks. Adding squats and lunges to your exercise routine will help with increasing your buttocks size. You can also make use of butt-lifting garments to help increase your butt size. Posture control exercises are also a good way of getting an hourglass type body. These exercises are beneficial to creating a longer torso by making you to raise your chin and head up and pushing your chest out for a more straight back and pushed-in stomach, creating the illusion of a beautiful hourglass figure.

How to get an hourglass figure with diet

A healthy diet also plays an essential role in how to get an hourglass figure quicker. It is important to stay away from food elements that make you feel more hungry. Your body needs sugar among other elements to produce energy. The energy produced by sugar in our blood gets stored in our liver and muscles. Once that storage is full to the limit, the body starts to convert the excess sugar in our blood stream to fat. Consuming uncontrolled amounts of high-glucose foods like white bread, rice, potatoes, bananas, cakes, and cookies causes your blood sugar level to go up as the result making you feel hungry. To keep your hunger under control eat at regular times through out the day. Insulin is a hormone produced by our body to convert sugar into energy. High-levels of insulin will result in increased appetite and frequent feelings of hunger. Foods like starchy vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain bread are good triggers of insulin production in our body. Limiting consumption of insulin producing foods will also help to keep hunger under control. Also staying away from fired-foods, milkshakes, chips and any other food that contain high amounts of saturated fat helps with slowing down the fat building processes in our body.

To sum it all up; the secret to how to get an hourglass figure lies in using waist training corsets, engaging in waist training workout routines and maintaining a healthy hourglass figure diet. The quickest way to get there is to use waist cinching corsets. However, the healthiest way to get an hourglass figure is to use a combination of all that is mentioned on this article, and add the most important element; ‘patience!’ Be patient and stick with a smart exercise and diet routine along with using waist training corsets, and in a few short weeks you will notice a new you.

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