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Hourglass Figure Workout

Hourglass Figure WorkoutYour waist training efforts can greatly benefit from an hourglass figure workout plan. An hourglass body shape can be better defined as the body type with wider size of bust and hips in comparison to the size of waist. This type of figure has grown popular and evolved as the type of exemplary size of a woman.   Hourglass body shape, a classic womanly figure is back in the world of glamour. Majority of people, both male and female, have a preference for hourglass figure over other body shapes. Here are a few hourglass figure workout tips to help you get there.

The goal for actively engaging in an hourglass figure workout is to build sharply lean muscles in certain areas.  You would aim at getting your body to look more voluptuous in the chest and hips, and smaller in the waist area.  Women who already have a natural hourglass body shape notice that their weight gain first starts at their bust and hips. Armed with an hourglass figure workout planwaist training exercises, and proper diet you can redefine your curves.

Hourglass Figure Workout Exercises

The following hourglass figure workout exercises will give you the best results when done regularly 2 to 3 times per week, in 2 to 3 times repetitions.  These exercises will help with getting stronger chest muscles, smaller waist line, and a more prominent buttocks for that signature curvy look of an hourglass body shape.  The following 3 routines are recommended by as part of an hourglass figure workout plan.

Hourglass figure workout plan to strengthen your chest muscles:

Hourglass figure workout plan to reduce waist size for a curvier look:

Hourglass figure workout plan for a defined buttocks for that curvy look of an hourglass body shape:



Weekly Hourglass Figure Workout plan for curvaceous body

Alternatively, you can incorporate the following sets of exercises, by Women’s Health, into your hourglass figure workout routine to reach hour waist training goals. Which ever method you choose, it is always recommended to consult a physician prior to starting any strenuous exercise routine.

Monday- The first day of the week begins with prescribed repetitions. Perform a set of exercise, take rest for 30 seconds and then, do another set of same exercise. To maximize the results, you can do the strength workout followed by a round of Cardio Intervals.

Wednesday- After a gap of one day, you can begin with the move in circuit style. Then, follow the prescribed number of redo for each hourglass figure workout without any rest in between. When you are done with all the exercises, take rest for two minutes. Now, perform all the circuits three times while taking two minutes rest between the circuits.

Friday- On Friday, you have to perform each set of exercises continuously without any rest in between. Prior to repeating the sets another time, you can take off 30 to 60 seconds. Here are set of exercises you can perform.

Do not forget to follow the strength-training sequence on Friday by performing Butt-Busting Hill Repeats, which can be done on a stationary bike, treadmills or an elliptical trainer.

Dressing tips for hourglass Body Shape

Highlight your waist. All that can be highlighted when you have hourglass figure is the waist. Even if you do not have the traditional measurements of an hourglass figure, you can create the delusion of tiny waist by putting up right clothes and highlighting your waist.

Say ‘No’ to low waist jeans and pants: Low-rise pants and jeans sit on the hips creating a horrible muffin-top effect. Even though you do not have much fat around your belly, low-rise jeans push the negligible amounts of weight upwards and make you look broad across the middle. This is something you would never want your body to look like.

Wear push-up or padded bras. Other than hourglass figure workout, push-up or padded bras can also help you give the impression of fuller busts. Even if you are not naturally gifted with attractive busts, you can achieve the similar effects by getting a good quality bra.

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