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Hourglass Body Shape

Hourglass Body ShapeHow to tell if you have a hourglass body shape? Your body shape must closely resemble the silhouette of an old-fashioned hourglass. An hourglass figure is a very distinct and attractive body type. A very appealing look desired by most women, and it is considered as the perfect female body type!

What is a hourglass body shape?

You have an hourglass body shape if you have a defined waist, and your upper body from the bust and shoulder line to the top of your waist is very much inline with your lower body half from the top of your hips to the fullest part of your upper thighs. Women with an hourglass figure typically have a waist measurement of 8″ to 12″ less than their bust or hip size. Fat tends to distribute evenly throughout the body for women who posses an hourglass figure. Small waist and flat belly are also distinct features of an hourglass body shape.

Do you have an hourglass body shape?

To determine if your body type is an hourglass figure, try standing in front of a mirror with nothing on but your underwear, and with your hands straight down slightly distanced away from your sides. If what you see in the mirror closely resembles to what is described in the previous paragraph, then you fit the bill. Genes are mostly the determining factor in what your body type will be. There are approximately 5 main female body types: Triangle (or Pear), Inverted Triangle, Rectangle (or Straight), Hourglass, Apple (or Oval or Round). Out of the 5 body types, hourglass body shape is the most desired by women.

How to get an hourglass body shape

Let’s say you did your measurements, and also did your standing in front of a mirror. To your surprise you found that you don’t have an hourglass figure! Determined to know how to get an hourglass figure? Although it’s written in your genes at birth, however, there are a number of ways that you can get an hourglass body shape. Diets, supplements, waist training exercises, and wearing waist training corsets, body shapers, butt lifters and waist belts are all a few of ways and tools that when combined can aid you in your efforts in getting an hourglass body shape. To get an hourglass figure you’ll need to work on a few areas of your body:

  • Give more definition to your shoulders
  • Increase the size of your chest – make it robust
  • Tone your abdominal muscles and make them stronger
  • Shape your hips and butt area

The objective is to increase curves and reduce waist size. Exercise and diet are two sure ways to develop an hourglass body shape. To get the curvy look of the hourglass you’ll need to lose fat at the right places and tone your muscles. How to get an hourglass figure faster? Also consider using waist training corsets and hourglass shapewear, the right way!

Hourglass body shape essentials

Eating healthy is essential to getting an hourglass body shape. You’ll need to keep a watchful eye on your calorie intake. Keep your calorie consumption at around the recommended amount of 2200 calories per day, depending on how active you are. Drink plenty of water and consume food that are high in nutrients such as fruits and vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. You may also consider taking weight loss supplements to aid with your fat burning efforts. Targeted exercises will help you to tone your muscles and burn fat where you need it. Your hourglass figure workout needs to place most focus on reducing your waist size. You must eliminate as much fat possible around your waist and belly. Also you’ll need to cut down almost all fat from under your waist and hips area. To get the curvy look your workout routine needs to include exercises that will slim down your waist, increase your chest size, and tone your butt and thighs muscles making your glutes look rounder.

To accelerate the process you may also consider the centuries-old practice of wearing waist cinching corsets. A waist training corset, also known as a waist cincher, is a body-shaping garment that you would wear to permanently reshape your waist and midsection area into an hourglass look. The practice takes time and much patience, but the results when done right are excellent! Using waist training corsets is the quickest way of getting an hourglass body shape. However the practice needs to be approached with caution, and for best results, combined with healthy diet and hourglass figure workouts.

Getting an hourglass body shape is a total body workout. Combining diets and exercises with use of hourglass shapewear will give you that desirable curvy look and your answer to how to get an hourglass figure.

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